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A Tale of Two Holidays


Taking the car to the Airport

Its 01.00am in the morning you load up your cold car in Kidderminster, with family and luggage, before heading bleary eyed to the airport. Fighting the early morning trucks and the weather.
You and your party drive to Airport parking Near Birmingham Airport approx 6.miles away from the airport, takes about one hour there about’s, you get out of your nice warm car get into a draughty bus pulling your cases on behind you.

With a bit of luck you all get a seat, if not you have to stand and hang on. At the airport, after a good 30-minute drive, you unload yourself from the bus dragging your case again. Hopefully in time for your Flight, don’t forget it’s your responsibility to get there on time, not the Carpark Company.

Then after your nice long holiday in the sun, you arrive back in BHX Airport, dragging your case once again, to the bus, in high season you may have to wait between 5 mins to ½ an hour for the bus because of so many people, then you get to your car, oh dear I left the inside light on, dead battery, its midnight, so you have to wait for a jump start. Finally then you get into cold car and drive back Home, arriving shattered and in need of a good Holiday.
In all this has cost you upto £8 per day to park, then the stress of driving  to the Carpark and back all the fuel costs.


The Stress free alternative Use Luxury Travel Guarantee Door To Door Service.


A knock at the door signals the arrival of Luxury Travels comfortably equiped minibus, You settle down in the warm interior whilst the driver loads your luggage.

In no time at all your  dropped off at the air port often right outside the gate depending on carrier, your luggage is loaded onto a trolly for you and your soon on your way to your holiday, already feeling refreshed.


When you arrive back at the airport we will be waiting and a phone call from you to say that you have cleared customes will have us waiting  at arrivals to meet you. We will then handle your luggage and escort you to the minibus waiting out side. We then take care of the driving and deliver you back home, feeling refreshed and recharged, alooking back on a wonderful holiday.



Prices start at £95.00 and vary depending on pick up location and airport your flying from. This is for a maximum of 5 people and includes both the outward and return journey at any time of the day or night. We operate at all Uk airports. Please dont hesitate to call us to discuss your requirements.